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There is finally some Bruins news, let's get down to it!

Loui Eriksson is fielding outside offers
Loui Eriksson is fielding outside offers
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing left to do but mull over the weekend’s action.

  • A puck-moving defenseman... The wish lists for all the former Bruins now at the helms of other NHL teams look a lot like that of Don Sweeney’s. Bonus- a quick look at the rules of the expansion draft, and which Bruins are likely to be protected (or exposed.) The Boston Globe
  • A six-pack of prospects are now in the Bruins’ system, and Kirk Luedeke breaks it all down for you. At the end of day one, he questions the urgency behind the selection of Trent Frederic with the second pick in the late first round. Scouting Post Most cryptic is the choice of Oskar Steen, apparently on the strength of being a player that P.J. Axelsson champions. Scouting Post
  • Congratulations to Sweeney for doing NOTHING when nothing was the right thing to do- it is a positive sign. Teams were asking for picks plus David Pastrnak for the elusive stud defenseman in trade. Just NO. WEEI
  • Despite the Bruins’ willingness to go to a longer term, Loui Eriksson is fielding lucrative offers in free agency. WEEI
  • Dear Jimmy Hayes, your team needs you. That and improvement from David Pastrnak would go a long way to improve the Bruins. The Score
  • No Alex DeBrincat for you! Once again, the Bruins overvalue grit over skill, when they already have plenty of the former. Because of course. Hockeybuzz
  • A drunk driving charge has followed Ray Bourque’s Friday night rear-ending of a fellow motorist, and he has requested privacy in light of the publicity that has ensued. The Boston Globe

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Relish the 16 best moments of the draft, including Charlie McAvoy’s years old Tweet about the Bruins, since deleted from his account. Sportsnet
  • Quebec City is left with dreams of an NHL return, and one large, white-painted new arena- is it destined to be "a civic white elephant?" National Post
  • The world has changed, hockey has not. In this digital age, interest in the NHL is shrinking, as the recent ousting of George Stroumboulopoulos in favor of Ron MacLean on HNIC demonstrates. The Globe And Mail
  • In news of former Bruins, Matt Bartkowski was not re-signed by the Canucks CBS Sports and now joins Jared Knight, formerly of the Wild, in free agency. Star Tribune
  • Don Sweeney expects to at least consider reacquiring Milan Lucic (shock the world!) and pursuing Steven Stamkos (just like every other NHL team) this will likely go no farther than exploratory phone calls. NHL