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Bruins send out their qualifying offers to six players

Koko, Chiller, and Krug among those to receive one.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Don's not wasting any time, is he?

The Bruins tendered qualifying offers to the following players:

Alexander Khokhlachev

Brian Ferlin

Chris Casto

Colin Miller

Joe Morrow

Torey Krug

Each commands a different salary, but the rules regarding qualifying offers state that a few of them will receive slight bonuses. Krug will be offered as much as he's making right now, which is something to the tune of 3.4 million. All the others are on AHL contracts, and so a few will see their wages bump up slightly as some of them are depth signings designed to keep Providence full, and others are very much waiting on the wings to join the main roster.

Obviously there were some outright smart choices in theory, especially with the defensemen. Krug has started to look more and more like a mainstay on the Boston roster and has managed to help keep the Bruins above water in many occasions. Colin Miller showed tons of promise, and so hopefully having him accept and take a deal with Boston again would be perfect for him.

Most interestingly, Alexander Khokhlachev, who was slightly vocally fed up with how the Bruins were treating him and considering going to SKA St. Petersburg in Russia, was given an offer. His final statline in the AHL was 20 goals, 45 assists, and 68 points total and played practically every forward position while in Providence. Whether or not he decides to accept the offer is up to him and his agent of course, but I don't personally see a reason why they can't give him another shot. He's done all he can in Providence and has been striving to make a roster that's been continually logjammed when it comes to quality forwards, and he's responded by doing a little bit of almost everything. I say let's hear the kid out for one year. They already freed up space by kicking Connolly to the curb, after all.

We'll keep up with this as players and their agents start responding to them.