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My Kingdom for a- Oh darnit War On Ice is down

War-On-Ice went down a few weeks ago, and with it went a large number of stats I like.

This will be a small, quick post.

You see, I like stats. I think they are very important in player evaluation. They tell you exactly what happened while a player was on the ice. They don't tell you why a player may have succeeded or failed, or how. They give you the whats. And the whats are important.

Anyways, my favorite stat is delta Corsi, made by the wonderful Stephen Burtch (follow him on twitter here: @SteveBurtch). The point of delta Corsi was to generate expected values for CF60 and CA60 based on all those little things like QoC, QoT, and faceoffs. Read about it here.

It's a good stat. I think it's especially useful in evaluating defensemen, and that's why it's been in all of my "My Kingdom for a Defensemen" posts. Problem is, it was hosted on If you keep up with the world of hockey analytics, you may have recently noticed that war on ice went down. This leaves me with a dilemma. Do I continue writing my series of posts without delta Corsi, giving people an incomplete view of a defenseman? Or do I simply stop and wait until someone mirrors the stat? Or do I recreate the stat from scratch, which probably take me quite a while since I don't have much free time and R can be a bit of a pain in the booty?

Well, I choose none of those things. I choose to make a less robust version of dCorsi, which I will call qndCorsi, for quick n' dirty. I did it python and Excel (OK, Libre Calc because I'm poor). The biggest differences between my stat and Burtchs' is the lack of age, position, faceoff win percent, and team variables, and the addition of opposition CA/60 to the eCF60 calculation.

If you'd like to see my work, you can download the final python file used to make the regression (it's short and sweet) and the spreadsheet with all the final data.

Expect posts on the final 2 UFA D men to appear in the next couple of days.