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At What Cost

Rumors, rumors... how much would the Bruins have to pay to land one of the NHL's Most Wanted?

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Ooops, sorry about that, Steven Stamkos! We hope all is forgiven?
Ooops, sorry about that, Steven Stamkos! We hope all is forgiven?
Elsa/Getty Images

Bruins news surrounds available NHL level talent, and the steep asking prices.

  • Bringing Steven Stamkos would cost the Bruins both David Krejci and lots of moolah and yes, it would be worth it- here’s why. WEEI
  • The likelihood of Stamkos landing in Boston? Slim. Bruins Daily
  • That "youth movement" that the Bruins seem to have been dreading is upon them, and they had best embrace it. Today’s Slapshot
  • Don’t let nostalgia over Milan Lucic cloud your judgement, he has been economically replaced by Matt Beleskey. Besides, the Bruins now have plenty of talent on the left-hand side. Hockeybuzz
  • Was the selection of Trent Frederic rather high at #29 a shrewd, measured move to get an overlooked gem or merely another telling sign of ongoing problematic decision making? Kirk Luedeke bullet points the key issues, then argues both sides. (Audio, 44:09) Scouting Post
  • This projection of Bruins lines and pairings demonstrates the holes in the roster that the team will need to fill. (With video) NESN
  • Rumors are flying thick and fast, including those that the Bruins are interested in offer sheeting Jacob Trouba and are also kicking Matt Martin’s tires. Spector’s Hockey
  • Peter Cehlarik was the victim of identity theft. (Original article) Sport.SK (Google translation from Slovak) Sport.SK
  • It’s what neighbors do- Zdeno Chara and Marian Hossa were among those who answered the call from Marian Gaborik to help him move. (Original article) (Google translation from Slovak)

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Fine! Jim Benning’s ill-timed, candid comment about Vancouver’s interest in P.K. Subban and Steven Stamkos is gonna cost the team. The Boston Globe
  • The looming spectre of an expansion draft has added another layer of risk and strategy to each NHL team’s planning. The Globe And Mail
  • Willie O’Ree has been the ambassador for the NHL’s Hockey Is For Everyone initiative almost since its beginning, and the program is readying to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018. Despite its successful outreach, ice time and the cost of equipment both continue to be a challenge. Sports Illustrated
  • Former Bruin Jordan Caron has re-signed with the Blues. Today’s Slap Shot
  • Dennis Leary stopped by the ESPN studios to challenge Linda Cohn to a bit of SC Slap Shot and then nearly clocked an unsuspecting ESPN staffer with two errant shots. He’s promoting his new FX series. (Video, 1:17) ESPN
  • Rogers’ high-flying hopes for an energized Hockey Night in Canada have plummeted to earth two seasons later. Oh, the humanity! The Globe And Mail