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Gather your clipboards and stopwatches, it's time to assess the NHL prospects.

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David Pastrnak's friend William Nylander of the Maple Leafs at the NHL Combine
David Pastrnak's friend William Nylander of the Maple Leafs at the NHL Combine
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Are you ready for the NHL Combine? Better yet, are the PROSPECTS ready?

  • The Bruins are in Buffalo, ready to assess potential prospects.
  • It all adds up to just one aspect of what the Bruins are hoping will develop into a fuller picture of each participant. NHLBruins
  • Jake DeBrusk will arrive at Bruins Development Camp with last year's experience under his belt. The belt will doubtless be a smaller size, after last year's kerfuffle over his and the other first round picks' conditioning... Boston CBS Local
  • Jonesing for some Bruins talk? No worries! Pop a beer- our chums at feel our pain, and offer a podcast covering such recent topics as the Kevan Miller re-signing, the apparently imminent departure of Alex Khokhlachev, and opinions on Claude Julien and both his new and departed assistants. Soundcloud

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The Panthers' new logo is, well, very modern. Bar Down
  • You thought you'd seen crazy NHL Free Agent Frenzy? Just wait for the madness approaching this July 1st! TSN
  • No need to sit through the boring old NHL Combine, Sean McIndoe has the whole shebang all neatly encapsulated for you! Bruins fans should just skip ahead to what happens at 5:01 pm, and then go straight to the hotel bar. Sportsnet
  • The Sharks are down two games, but fear not! Other teams have overcome that deficit to raise the Stanley Cup. You may recognize one of them- here's how it's done. Sports Illustrated
  • You're right, there have been more wraparound goals recently, and there's a good reason why that is. NHL