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Five years ago today: Bruins vs. Canucks, Game 2

Another Game 1 loss for the Bruins was no large issue. Would they even the series at 1-1 before heading East to face the Canucks at home?

The Boston Bruins tried their best to overload Roberto Luongo in Game 2 of the 2011 Cup finals.
The Boston Bruins tried their best to overload Roberto Luongo in Game 2 of the 2011 Cup finals.
The Hockey Writers

Ah, the drama. A little nibble goes a long way, doesn't it, Burrows?

Let's get the feels running for this one.

The heat was turned up coming into Game 2. The Bruins absolutely wanted to go home 1-1, and repay Vancouver for the teeth-shaped imprint on Bergeron's trigger finger. Vancouver obviously wanted to bury the Bruins in their barn. For all the chippiness, however, just one penalty was called in the first period; the referees did a fantastic job of keeping the game from getting too out of hand with net-front scrums and other extracurricular activities.

Ryder gave Luongo a nice wake-up call with a heavy shot TO THA FAAAACE.

It didn't help that the Vancouver Cannibal scored the first goal of the game. There's a heartfelt story that Burrows promised to play a strong game for his father so that his biting incident would be forgotten. Maybe you shouldn't bite people in the FIRST place, ya hoser.

There were 20 hits between this goal and the end of the period. 1-0 Vancannibals.

Milan Lucic tied things up about halfway into the second, cleaning up a rebound with a nice head-on-a-swivel pivot to find the puck behind him.

Not 90 (game-time) seconds later, Vancouver defenseman Aaron Rome gets called for holding Marchand, and on the ensuing power play, Dr. Mark Recchi tipped a Zdeno Chara long-wrister to become the oldest player to score in a Stanley Cup Final series.

Vancouver put another nine shots/attempts on goal before the end of the period, but Timmy T stood tall. 2-1 Ze Good Guys.

As the third period begins, the faithful still awake in Boston began to look forward to an even series coming home. I admittedly did not finish watching this game back in 2011, and I hated myself for it, because fandom = luck. It's science. Look it up.

Then, the middle of the period rolled around, and wouldn't y'know, it produced another goal. Zdeno Chara loses the puck in his roots - er, feet - and the Canucks cycle to the point, launch a shot that gets blocked, and Henrik Sedin cleans up the trash. Somebody somewhere yells "STAY IN THE EFFIN' NET, TIMMAH", but since no one heard it, it didn't actually happen.

To Vancouver's credit, they laid down to keep this game tied, blocking 6 of 7 shots by the Bruins in their attempt to tie this series in regulation. Not that regulation wins matter in the playoffs, but...

Oh. Alright then.

Before the RDS HD logo can fade, this game ends. Alexandre Biterrows fakes a big slapshot, draws Thomas two creases out from the net, and tucks in the wraparound for the OT win and 2-0 series lead for the Canucks.

Let's take it back to Boston, fellas, and see if we can find a way to even this series.

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