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Montreal drops Analytics Consultant over Subban trade

Do the aftershocks of the P.K. Subban trade reach farther than the players and GM?

Mahky Mahk's got some essplainin' ta do.
Mahky Mahk's got some essplainin' ta do.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The ripple effects of this megatrade just keep on rollin'.

While no official explanation has been or likely will ever be offered, the reality that Canadiens analytics consultant Matt Pfeffer has 'not been renewed' following this blockbuster deal smells like a disconnect between old hockey minds and new hockey minds.

Many takes on the trade are yet to come, but there's this snippet tucked away in Sportsnet's Eric Engels' latest post on the matter:

"A source told Sportsnet that Matt Pfeffer, who was hired as an analytics consultant at the beginning of the 2015-16 season, made an impassioned and elaborate presentation to management to dissuade them from following through on this trade.

Ignoring Pfeffer's advice only served to reinforce the notion that Bergevin was following different criteria in his evaluation of both players, said the source, who also suggested Pfeffer's vehemence on the matter might have ultimately cost him the job (he was told on Wednesday that his contract won't be renewed). The Canadiens would not comment on why they aren't renewing his contract, but they did say that they are looking into other analytics solutions."
Read Engels' full article here.

So, Montreal is going to refresh their analytics department because someone tried to tell GM Marc Bergevin that a straight-up Subban for Weber trade was probably a bad idea?