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Bruins Development Camp: Day 4 - Interviews and End Thoughts

Photo gallery, notes, and player quotes on the final day of development camp.


  • For the last day of training camp. the prospects were split into four groups, and pitted against each other in various types of scrimmage.

  • Brandon Carlo proves that he can hold his own, hitting everyone in sight, and almost throwing 6'6" Wiley Sherman through the glass.

  • Stephen Dhillon struggled a bit in goal, but never lost his cool. He looked to be enjoying every moment on the ice.

  • Danton Heinen was wearing the Go Pro today (and we've still yet to see what they are doing with this footage)

  • Mark Naclerio did not return to the ice after suffering a lower back injury during the first day of camp.

Players who stood out most throughout the week:
  • Forward Oskar Steen seemed to be everywhere all at once. He almost always had the puck on his stick, and had no problems pushing other players around.

  • Goaltender Daniel Vladar plays a very strong game, stays in position, and lets very little through.

  • Defenseman Emil Johansson is a smart player who is strong along the boards and not afraid to take chances with the puck.

Quick Questions:

  • HR: A lot of NHL players are quite a bit larger than you, do you find that intimidating?
    Oskar Steen: "Not really. I am a shorter player, but I think that I have a bit more strength. Because I am so short, I need to be quicker than everyone else, so that is the thing I am working on."
  • HR: Do you find that the players shoot at you more in North American hockey than they did in Europe?
    Daniel Vladar: [laughs] "Oh yes! The rink is smaller, and it's faster, so they shoot much more. I actually like this style of play better."
  • HR: What do you think you need to do to improve your game over last season?
    Brandon Carlo: "I just continue to work on getting back the puck as quickly as I can and get in position to move it out."
  • HR: It looks like you were not wearing socks with your skates today, is that for real?
    Stephen Dhillon (with Malcolm Subban laughing beside him): "Oh, I usually wear black socks, but they ripped, and so they gave me these weird skin-coloured socks to wear. Some goalies do actually wear their skates without socks though."
    (Subban is still laughing.)
  • HR: What's it like getting to play here with Harvard teammate Ryan Donato?
    Wiley Sherman: "It's great getting to play with him all year, and it's nice to see a familiar face here."
    HR: I have to ask, why are you so tall?
    Sherman: "My parents are still trying to figure that out! They call me the freak of the family!"
  • HR: What is it like getting to play with Wiley Sherman here at camp?
    Ryan Donato: "He's a great guy, and a character off the ice. He's honestly one of the nicest people, one of those people you like to hang around a lot, and he's a great guy to have in the locker room."
    HR: Did it make you more comfortable coming here, knowing you'd see a familiar face?
    Donato: "Of course. We can partner up and make friends together. The memories we've created here are something we'll share for a long time."