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National TV Schedule announced, Bruins to play 17 games on NBC

Man, I hope you like the Blackhawks

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The NBC sports group is throwing a ton of hockey on TV this year, and the schedule has been released for our added anticipation to next season.

The full list is here, and we'll give you the Boston highlights. (all times are EST)

Date Versus Network Time
October 26th
New York Rangers NBCSN 8pm
November 22nd St. Louis Blues NBCSN 7pm
November 29th Philadelphia Flyers NBCSN 7:30pm
December 7th
Washington Capitals NBCSN 8pm
December 14th Pittsburgh Penguins NBCSN 8pm
January 10th St. Louis Blues NBCSN 8pm
January 18th Detroit Red Wings NBCSN 8pm
January 22nd Pittsburgh Penguins NBC Noon-30pm
February 1st Washington Capitals NBCSN 8pm
February 12th Montreal Canadiens NBCSN 7:30pm
February 19th San Jose Sharks NBCSN 8:30pm
February 26th Dallas Stars NBC Noon-30pm
March 2nd New York Rangers NBCSN 7pm
March 8th Detroit Red Wings NBCSN 8pm
March 30th Dallas Stars NBCSN 7:30pm
April 2nd Chicago Blackhawks NBC Noon-30pm
April 8th Washington Capitals NBC 3pm

Other highlights:

- NBC and the league have doubled down on Chicago being the mascot of the league, as they play 21 times this season on national TV. 21!

- Meanwhile, PK Subban and the Predators, who will almost certainly be as good if not better than Chicago, will play twice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Two games are listed for after the April 8th and 9th game, but are considered "TBD" until further notice.

- Boston plays both of it's games against Dallas on national TV. One can only imagine the scoring both will bring.

- The schedule is pretty metropolitan division-centric again. I await the day NBC gets to branch out and use the teams that aren't Chicago and the Metro.

- The Oilers ain't here. Get dunked, McDavid.

- The runner ups and Stanley Cup champs will play a lot of games. They hoping for a rematch over at NBC?