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Diamond Backes

Wanna see a Bruin throw out a ceremonial first pitch?

This was the place to be yesterday afternoon
This was the place to be yesterday afternoon
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

In Bruins news:

  • David Backes the animal lover is very familiar with adaptability and cleaning up dirty little messes, skills that may come in very handy this season. The Boston Globe
  • Introducing his new city to his Athletes for Animals charity was all in a day’s work for Backes. USA Today
  • Here’s a look at Backes’ afternoon fun with the Red Sox at Fenway, and video of his ceremonial first pitch. (With video) Weekend At Bergy’s
  • Speaking of Backes’ introduction to his new teammates, he offered this assessment of one... "That little disturber, pain in the butt? He’s actually a pretty good guy." Name that Bruin! Boston Herald
  • Again, PAY THE MAN. Brad Marchand makes things happen, and more and more those things have been good things. Hockeybuzz
  • Tasty! Does a Brad Marchand / Patrice Bergeron / David Backes line sound like an embarrassment of riches, or what? WEEI
  • One Slovakian reporter had the opportunity to cover Bruins games at TD Garden, and offers an inside look on the experience for media members, including meeting Zdeno Chara. Yes, she had to be shooed off from standing on the Spoked B in the dressing room. (Click on permissions to view translation from Slovak) Sport Aktuality
  • You Know What To Do, Part Two: Which NHLer was the best #5, ever? (Bobby Orr ran away with the previous poll, as he should, and we’ll gloss over Rod Langway’s 10 games with the Providence Bruins.) Hockeybuzz

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Would you be surprised to know that Steven Stamkos was almost traded... in 2008? Sean McIndoe revisits this and four other surprising deals that didn’t go down. Down Goes Brown
  • Looking for work? The scramble has already begun for candidates hoping for a job with the new Las Vegas team... ESPN
  • ... even as the search for a name goes on. Try these suggestions on for size- how about the "Bet Men?" ESPN
  • Um, Gary, Sen. Richard Blumenthal is NOT buying your weaseling on concussions and CTE. Hartford Courant
  • NHLers and NHL teams can win big or tank utterly on social media. Not every NHLer is a Roberto Luongo, nor every team the Los Angeles Kings. Sports Illustrated
  • Here’s a chance to be a part of history- the SB Nation women’s hockey blog needs a name and some staffers. SB Nation