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Boston Pride Named Boston's Best Champions

Then again, they're our only champions, but shhh...

The Improper Bostonian

In The Improper Bostonian's annual "Best of Boston" Issue, the publication named the Boston Pride the city's best Champions.

The brief article noted the team's accomplishments both on and off the ice, stating that "the team showed its true character months before the championship" in relation to Denna Laing's injury at the Outdoor Classic. In true Boston fashion, the Pride showed unity in the wake of hardship and made both the team and the fanbase stronger as a result.

Perhaps they should have also noted that the Isobel Cup is the only trophy a professional Boston sports team has brought home since the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Patriots. With the way things are going for the rest of the teams around here, it looks like it'll stay that way for now.