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Dog And Pony Show

Jimmy Vesey meets with the Bruins as well as a few other suitors

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Send in the clowns....
Send in the clowns....
Bob Levey/Getty Images

In Bruins news:

  • Hip hip, hooray, today’s the day the Bruins officially meet with Jimmy Vesey... as do the Rangers and Blackhawks. The Score The pitch should be simple- offer up a #19 jersey, and the chance to realize a dream. Bonus: Get off his back for exercising a contracted right. Scouting Post The meeting will be at the new Warrior practice facility. @MarkDivver In any case, only one destination can offer the comforts of home. Hockeybuzz Although the salary is defined, there are pros and cons attached to each leading contender for his services. The Boston Globe
  • Meanwhile, Tuukka Rask must be breathing a bit easier going into this season, as the Bruins have some depth at the goalie position. Causeway Crowd
  • Sidney Crosby is enjoying the chance to play with (rather than against) Brad Marchand. The addition of Patrice Bergeron will no doubt be more than he can bear. (With videos) Sportsnet
  • This summer’s Bear Tracks opens with a visit to John-Michael Liles (seen here with his wee daughter.) @NHLBruins
  • Enjoy an hour of Bruins chitchat. Take heart, it’s time to believe in Boston! Work through your lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming season with friends who understand. (Audio, 56:54) Bearly On Topic

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Switzerland’s hospitality center at the Rio Olympics includes a synthetic ice rink, which is seeing some hockey action. Bar Down
  • As Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and the Bettman continue to snipe, one thing is becoming clear- head injuries and concussions are in the sights of legislators, and the NHL’s antitrust exemption is being scrutinized. TSN
  • In this ranking of NHL centers, they were within 4 spots of getting this one right. Better luck next time. Sports Illustrated
  • Just like in your high school yearbook, this list assigns superlatives to a bunch of NHL rookies. You’ll like their assessment of Danton Heinen. Sports Illustrated
  • Nathan Gerbe, at 5’ 4", is an unlikely NHLer, but his work ethic and support of his family were never in doubt. Player’s Tribune
  • Beer league goalies get to exercise a lot of artistic license- have a look at some primo pads. Hockey Players’ Club