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So What

Do you dig it, hepcats?

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Miles Davis' trumpet
Miles Davis' trumpet
Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

In Bruins news:

  • Patience- it is almost over! The Bruins met with Jimmy Vesey, and reportedly "(the) Bruins did very well." The new Warrior facility was showcased. The Boston Globe Meetings must have taken their toll on the lad, as he was not on the ice in Foxboro last evening (please learn how to spell GRZELCYK!) Hockeybuzz An aside- the game winning goal was from Jimmy Hayes, whooda thunk? @PAltmeyer
  • The surest sign of a sleepy offseason- BearTracks returns with a visit to John-Michael Liles in Colorado. Bruins NHL Liles trains with one-legged stair climbs in a glorious setting... @NHLBruins ...then cools down with his daughter. @NHLBruins And finally, daddy-o, meet one cool cat who rules the roost at the Liles home- his name is Miles Davis... so what? (video, 0:54) Bruins NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Some folks watched the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament and NOT Jimmy Vesey. Here’s one report, including some hard observations. Hockeybuzz
  • Sean McIndoe takes a look at five instances where an RFA signing resulted in big compensating trades, with mixed results. The Hockey News
  • Science is for chumps... and for people who don’t have a dog in the CTE/concussions link fight. Pension Plan Puppets
  • And this season’s NHL breakout stars will be... maybe David Pastrnak as the new Mark Scheifele? The Hockey News
  • Performance Sports Group (parent of Bauer and Easton brands) is in hot water with securities regulators, as a lawsuit brought by a major shareholder alleges fraud and deceit. One witness owns the Bauer retail store in Salem, NH. TSN
  • After all the talk about shrinking goalie equipment, don’t hold your breath for changes to be implemented this season. Sportsnet
  • A number of interesting new tweaks to be rolled out at the World Cup of Hockey, including on-ice player tracking, real-time video review by coaches on tablets, and changing displays on the boards. TSN Have a look here, including a Tim Horton’s "revolving cups" ad on the boards... (Video, 3:14) Sportsnet
  • long dreaded new trend will also debut- advertisements on player sweaters. The Globe And Mail
  • "Black Knights" is out, but a name incorporating the word "hawks" appears to be a front runner for the new Las Vegas NHL team. COPYCATS! Sportsnet
  • At least the spoilsport who ranked each NHL team’s #1 defenseman placed Zdeno Chara ahead of Alexander Edler and poor Adam Larsson (of Taylor Hall trade fame.) Sports Illustrated
  • The missing link? Researchers have found that the closest living species to the Neanderthals are Flyers fans. NO, REALLY! The Elbow
  • Summer Reading from the Vault, a chipper take on the fabulous Don Cherry from January, 1979. Sports Illustrated