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That’s All, Folks

Jimmy Vesey Watch is OVER and DONE

Thufferin thuccotash!
Thufferin thuccotash!
Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

In Bruins news:

  • It is all over but the decision. Jimmy Vesey is a Harvard grad, he’ll figure it all out. The Boston Globe Just to play devil’s advocate, the Boston factor may not work well for Vesey, as local boys have had mixed success with the Bruins recently. Hockeybuzz Coach Ted Donato weighs in on Vesey, and on what it was like to have played before his own hometown crowd. Maple Leafs Hot Stove We’ll likely know today. @KLuedeke29 On the lighter side... @JeffIsrael25 Ultimately, Vesey’s Harvard background will lead him by his upturned nose to select a team based only on a "snobs vs. slobs" competition. Or you can substitute "Maple Leafs vs. Bruins" if you prefer. NO, REALLY! Lighthouse Hockey
  • Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia, Brad Marchand and Sidney Crosby continue to get acquainted as they skate with other NHLers in off-season workouts. (With video) Bar Down
  • Take a quick trip home with John-Michael Liles to Blaine, MN... (Video, 1:20) Bruins NHL ...and see a gyroscopic training technique he uses. @NHLBruins On ice activity also includes curling- with a little help from a friend. @NHlBruins
  • From the Vault, a quick visit with Bobby Orr in December, 1972 involves home cooked shrimp, questions about his wonky knee, and a rumor that Bobby Orr Enterprises wanted to acquire the Bruins team. Sports Illustrated

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The game of hockey has evolved, and Canada is now paying the price for having staunchly remained focused in the rear-view mirror. Splice Today
  • Ben Scrivens spoke at length about being in a two-goalie marriage, tending styles, "Hockey Wives," American politics, and Tim Thomas. He intends to remain true to himself as he plays for Dynamo Minsk, while trying to be a respectful member of a community that is not as socially progressive as he is. Edmonton Journal
  • The captain of Team USA for the World Cup of Hockey has been named. Today’s Slapshot Did his grandma actually break the news? @GrandmaPavs8
  • Roberto Luongo ‘s numbers are still consistently among the NHL’s best, despite his age. TSN