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Jimmy Vesey Snubs Boston For NY Rangers

Slovenia v USA - 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Photo by Matej Divizna/Getty Images

The Boston Bruins won't be getting their local hero college free agent this time round.

Harvard grad Jimmy Vesey has announced his decision after stringing along the entire NHL for the summer, and he's opted to play with a Hayes brother, but the wrong one from Boston's perspective.

Vesey has announced he'll join the NY Rangers this season, after meeting with seven teams the last two days, including Boston. With contract competition not an issue due to all teams only being able to offer a max entry-level contract at most, the teams were competing to sell themselves to the player as his preferred destination.

The 6'3, 203lb forward, who won the 2016 Hobey Baker Award as the best player in college hockey, was believed to be considering Boston strongly due to his ties to the area.

His camp and the NHL media seemed to delight in the press coverage caused by his free agency, leading to an almost constant stream of conflicting reports over the past few days.

However, Vesey Watch is over. The Bruins now need to move on and find another way to improve their team as the season draws ever closer.