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Already Gone

Did the Bruins drop the ball on Jimmy Vesey way back at the NHL draft five years ago?

How many days until Bruins hockey?
How many days until Bruins hockey?
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

In Bruins news:

  • The roots of Jimmy Vesey’s decision apparently go back about five years. But enough of that, where do the Bruins go from here? Scouting Post
  • Try to make sense of Vesey having opted to sign with the Rangers- it doesn’t appear to be the tidiest fit. WEEI
  • Let the Bruins forward line staffing projections begin! Causeway Crowd
  • Hooray! It’s Boston Bruins day, where they note that our team has not made the playoffs in two years... everyone knows the third time is the charm! NBC Sports In focus- Frank Vatrano is on the cusp. NBC Sports Claude Julien will be treading lightl this season. NBC Sports
  • BearTracks is up in Kamloops, BC visiting Riley Nash. Like all good visitors, the crew comes bearing a hostess gift for the new Bruin. @NHLBruins
  • Kim Brandvold has a new gig in addition to his work with the Bruins as skating and skills coach. Lowell Sun

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Wearable technology offers real-time monitoring of athletes in order to maximize performance. If this cuts down on time lost to injury, what’s not to love? Bonus- Who takes Loui Eriksson’s place on the first unit power play? The Boston Globe
  • Dig into Sean McIndoe’s grab bag from Friday, including the obscure former player and outrage of the week, along with a compilation of all the times Wayne Gretzky was on the receiving end of big hits (With video.) Vice Sports
  • Bruins fan Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip has enjoyed playing pickup music jams with Dan Aykroyd. He has also played a bit part with his bandmates as a curling team in a movie as well as playing a role alongside the Trailer Park Boys in a music video. Kingston Whig-Standard
  • With a little help, Jack Parker (a former Boston University hockey coach) faced what many people find increasingly crippling as they age- phobias. The Boston Globe
  • Take a look back at the mixed success of five gimmicks introduced by the NHL way back in the 1990’s. The Hockey News
  • Grit! Determination! It isn’t only hockey players that need it, now Olympic commentators need it, too. NO, REALLY! The Onion