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Answering The Call

Bard Marchand got misty about joining Team Canada.

Brad Marchand will answer his country's call.
Brad Marchand will answer his country's call.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In Bruins news:

  • The Undrafted series closes with a look at the newest set of youngsters- collegians Austin Czarnik and Chris Casto as well as former WHL team captains Colby Cave and Justin Hickman. (With video) Scouting Post
  • What a softy! Brad Marchand was overwhelmed at the invitation to represent Canada at the World Cup of Hockey, as he recalls in this interview with CTV. (With video) Weekend at Bergy’s
  • Read all about it! A feature on Ryan Donato, who is this month’s cover boy. Page #6 begins the interview. New England Hockey Journal
  • Matt Beleskey offers his recipe for a chopped Greek salad, his cooking skills were learned from his first roommate. Instagram, MBeleskey_39
  • Meanwhile, at National Junior Evaluation Camp, Charlie McAvoy be lightin’ ‘em mup mup mup... Twitter, @Days of Y’Orr
  • Hey, Bruins, aren’t you looking for a new head of Amateur Scouting? Twitter, @Days of Y’Orr

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Late summer tends to be a pretty quiet time for hockey news, but don’t let your guard down- here are five blockbuster news events that broke in August! The Hockey News
  • General Fanager inherited the mantle as the gold standard for cap information upon the passing of Matthew Wuest and CapGeek. Sportsnet
  • Meanwhile, down on the farm... here’s a tidy synopsis of the components of an AHL contract. Habs Eyes On The Prize
  • What I Did On My Summer Vacation... NHLers (and their families and pets) are featured in these Tweets and Instagrams, including one of Beleskey at the park with his dog appropriating the swing set. Sportsnet
  • Blame the Panthers! An upstart team whose 1996 system clogged up the middle of the ice marked the beginning of the end of NHL play dominated by superstars and creativity. Today’s Slapshot
  • In the Atlantic Division, these are the players on each team whose performances will be critical to their team’s success. Last Word On Sports
  • He may have a dog in this fight- Paul Bissonnette offers his opinion on the future of fighting in the NHL. Today’s Slapshot
  • This just had to happen- welcome a new advanced statistic named "GRiT." (Note: It is reminiscent of previous work done as linked at the bottom of the article.) Russian Machine Never Breaks