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World Cup of Hockey Exhibition Games: 9/14/16: Czechs vs. NA | Sweden vs. Europe | Russia vs. Canada

The last exhibition games before the official start of the tournament on Saturday. Last chance to see these teams before it counts!

Don't talk to me or my son ever again
Don't talk to me or my son ever again
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Czech Republic vs. Team North America

Where: Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

When: 3:30 pm EST

Where to watch: ESPN3 ( , SN, SN1, TVAS (french channel)

Any Bruins Playing?: David Pastrnak will be carrying on the torch of Czech B's in Team Czech Republic. David Krejci would have been here had he not been injured.

Should You watch?: The Czechs play a lot harder than given credit for, but have also had to play close games or from behind in order to summon that out of themselves. Meanwhile, Team North America is an oncoming storm of offensive talent and skill, and have been deciding which of their lines are the best for properly squishing all of the competition like a bug against a windshield. If nothing else, check the first period to see if the Czechs survive it or are in the lead. If not...well, then tune in occasionally and check social media to see if Pastrnak scored. This might get out of hand quick.

Sweden vs. Team Europe

Where: Verizon Center, Washington DC

When: 7:00pm EST

Where to Watch: ESPN3 ( , SN, SN1, TVAS

Any Bruins Playing: Former Bruins Dennis Seidenberg and current Bruin Zdeno Chara will be playing in tonight's game. How they'll do is anyone's guess.

Should You Watch?: For morbid curiosity? sure. If Team Europe wants to have a last stand where they fight out a good solid 40 minutes of hockey then try and hold the line for the final 20? Knock yourself out. Otherwise, Team Europe's goose is oh so very cooked. Feel free to tune in and out of this game, or just watch to see how bad it gets if the following game isn't very interesting.

Russia vs. Canada

Where: Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

When: 7:30pm EST

Where to Watch: ESPN2, SN, TVAS

Any Bruins Playing: Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron will lead the charge against the russians

Should You Watch?: I highly recommend watching this game because there's a good chance things can go oh so very wrong for either side. The Russian defense is not nearly as good as you've been led to believe (and that might not even be that good), and both Goaltenders appear to be very rusty. Similarly, the Canadians have a real problem with Carey Price maybe not being at 100%. They could easily go to Holtby and have no issue, I just wanted to type that out so I have practice for it in the regular season. Regardless, the Red and White currently has an issue with setting the tempo and getting off to a good start out of the gate, so maybe it would be in their best interest to not take Russia's offensive flare too lightly.