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World Cup of Hockey Gamethread: Day 2 | Sweden vs. Russia and North America vs. Finland

Two neighbors who really aren't big on each other take to the ice to settle some scores

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Game 1: Sweden vs. Russia

Where: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario

When: 3pm EST

Where to Watch: ESPN, SN, TVASports

Bruins Playing: there will be NO BRUINS WHATSOEVER in this game. So I don't begrudge you for skipping out on this game.


Last time we checked in on Russia and Sweden they were getting rocked in exhibition play. Russia had a slightly better game, but eventually ended up losing in OT to Canada. Sweden was extra rocked by the resurgent Team Europe. In short, both teams would really like to look as good as we think they are and have to prove it against each other. Both teams want and need that win and it's sure to be a beautiful experience for the watcher. No biases? No problem. Just watch two really good teams throw haymakers of skill and speed at each other.


Sweden's projected lineup is here, and the expectation is that they will start Henrik Lundqvist

Russia's projected lineup is here, and Sergei Bobrovsky will start.

Game 2: North America vs. Finland

Where: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario

When: 8pm EST

Where to Watch: ESPN2, SN, TVASports

Bruins Playing: Tuukka Rask is on team Finland, but has not played in lieu of letting Pekka Rinne be the #1, who sure as shit dropped the ball last game and now that they start him it's their own fault for what happens next.


Finland dropped the ball on letting an old-ass Pekka Rinne start for what was essentially a beatdown last Wednesday, allowing Team USA to walk all over them and run them into the ground. Team USA's loss last night makes that somehow actively seem worse, and so Finland has to get over that particular problem from the exhibiton games sooner rather than later. And boy do they have their work cut out for them.

While Team North America did end up losing their game against the Czechs, their previous two games were utter beatdowns that make playing Team North America seem like less of a privilege than a punishment. The team is fast, they hurl shots on net, they play extremely aggressively, and they have some of the brightest young stars playing for them. They too, would like to put their last exhibition game behind them as they come into their first game of the tournament. It's an uphill battle for both teams, and we get to bear witness to the fruit of their labors.

Well, you might. I will be having dinner with my brother, as it is his birthday.


The projected lineup for North America is here, and they will be starting Matt Murray

The projected lineup for Finland is here, and they will be starting Pekka Rinne

Another fantastic day of international hockey! What's on tap?