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Keeping Focus

Brad will focus on representing Canada for now

In Bruins news:

  • The usually loquacious Brad Marchand is keeping his lip zipped about any progress in negotiating his next contract. He offers Loui Eriksson as an example of how to handle being in professional limbo and how things do not always go as hoped. Providence Journal
  • Frank Vatrano is amped to take on his sophomore season. Causeway Crowd
  • Best wishes and a fond farewell to Dominic Moore from his fans in The Big Apple. Blueshirt Banter
  • Kirk Luedeke sat yesterday and took questions on all matters Bruins, offering his firm belief that Claude Julien is NOT the problem, and has not "lost the room." Reddit
  • It’s nice to know the Bruins still scare SOMEBODY... the Red Wings are feeling hot, ursine breath on their necks. Winging It In Motown

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Some Atlantic Division rivals in this analysis are laughing at the David Backes contract. At least we can join in by agreeing that Marc Bergevin is the coach in the most hot water. On The Forecheck
  • Speaking of the World Cup of Hockey, here’s a proposed roster for an All-Buyout Team, because "why you heff to be mad?" Puck Drunk Love
  • Look back at the final Canada Cup in 1991, which was notable for more than just the five headlining stories encapsulated here. The Hockey News
  • Nickelback Green Day will be the marquee act celebrating the World Cup of Hockey. NHL
  • Fans are digging awfully deep to fill the void that is the NHL off-season. Some are even turning to fan fiction. NO, REALLY! Copper ‘n Blue
  • Mark down these "10 Bold Predictions" so that you can later see how close (or far) they came to being reality. Sportsnet