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World Cup of Hockey Day 5 GAMETHREAD: NA vs. Sweden and Europe vs. Canada

The undefeated teams try to stay undefeated today!

Don't talk to me or my son ever again
Don't talk to me or my son ever again
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

North America vs. Sweden

Where: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario

When: 3pm EST

Where to Watch: ESPN, SN, TVAsports

Bruins Playing: None, only former bruin Loui Eriksson is involved.


Sweden beat Finland yesterday to remain undefeated. There's not a whole lot Sweden could do at the moment other than stay undefeated in round robin play. They look to be the strongest team in the tournament at the moment.

Their competition, on the other hand, is the most fun in the tournament. While NA lost against Russia, they played one of the most competitive and interesting games during that night. Playing with fire, vigor, and almost tying it multiple times. It's this that will bring Team North America into this game, and now into facing their toughest challenge yet. Sweden plays an entirely different style of hockey than their opponents. They are better defensively, they have a better goaltender, and play all three zones well. If Team NA wants to stick around, this is the game they'd want to win out in. Regardless of the result: it's gonna be good.


Team Sweden's roster is here, and the starter is expected to be Henrik Lundqvist.

Team NA's roster is here, and the starter is expected to be Matt Murray, but due to an injury it may be John Gibson.

Europe vs. Canada

Where: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario

When: 8pm EST

Where to Watch: ESPN2, SN, TVASports

Bruins Playing: Zdeno Chara will be playing for Team Europe. Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron will be playing for Team Canada.


If you told me I might be excited for this game a week ago I'd have told you that you were crazy.

And yet, one week later...almost to the day I said they were doomed? They have a berth in the semifinals. Against everything does this team have an undefeated streak. Against every single scrap of evidence. They have overcome so much to be here and it's inspiring to see them doing so well.

That said...the ride to this game currently includes Canada. Who is also undefeated to the surprise of nobody. Canada may finally be the clock not just turning midnight and ending Europe's cinderella run, there's a good chance the clocktower actually falls on the palace. Team Europe will have to play beyond 110% of their power if they can pull off what will be the upset of the tournament.

You should watch this game. You should definitely watch this game.


Team Canada's lines are here, and the starter will be Carey Price

Team Europe's lines are here, and the starter is expected to be Jaroslav Halak

As always, lines are subject to change. What's on tap?