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World Cup of Hockey Finals Preview: Canada vs. Team Europe Game 2: Elimination Match(?)

This should be it. Time to bust out the plastic trophy.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

World Cup of Hockey Finals: Canada vs. Team Europe

Where: Air Canada Center in Toronto Ontario, Canada


8pm Thursday

7pm Saturday (if needed)

Where to Watch:

ESPN2, CBC, TVASports on Thursday

ESPN2, CBC, TVASports on Saturday (if needed)

Bruins Playing: Zdeno Chara for Team Europe, Brad Marchand & Patrice Bergeron for Team Canada.

Should You Watch?:

I'm not sure, to be honest. I say if you want to see Bergy and Marshy pass each other another trophy by all means.

Canada handled Team Europe as brutally as one can in the first game of this best of three. Europe fought back as well as they could...and in the end it just didn't matter. This was a foregone conclusion of a hockey game. It was such a forgone conclusion that nobody really lined up to see it.




But hey, this is an International tournament. All Europe has to do is win again. And again. Against the best team in Hockey...probably ever. Stranger things have happened both in this tournament and tournaments like it.

Maybe Europe has a shot. Maybe.

But they only have 60 minutes of hockey tonight to prove it.