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World Cup of Hockey: Exhibition Games 9/8/16

Welcome to the NHL’s “bold” international tournament experiment come alive! Again!

S'gonna be a good way to start the tournament, lads n' lasses! Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Today’s the beginning of the exhibition games for the World Cup of Hockey, and here’s everything you need to know going into it! Feel free to use this post as a gamethread of sorts! I know I will be!

All Times are EST


When: Noon

Where: Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland

Place to Watch: ESPN3, which can be accessed on

Any Bruins playing?: Tuukka Rask, presumed to be in net for Team Finland, Former Bruin Loui Eriksson will be suiting up for Sweden

Should you watch?: Sweden vs Finland is always a good matchup in other international tournaments, so there’s no reason to believe this one shouldn’t be close and fun.

EDIT: Final score: Finland 3, Sweden 2


When: Noon-thirty

Where: VTB Arena in Moscow, Russia

Place To Watch: ESPN3, see above

Any Bruins Playing?: David Pastrnak for Team CZE. Krejci would’ve been playing had he not been hurt. Former Bruin Vladimir Sabotka will also be dressing for the Czechs.

Should you watch?: I’m not gonna lie, you might just want to check in and out on this game. It more or less decides whether or not not having Tomas Hertl and David Krejci screws up Team Czechs hard enough. Watch the third period, that might be fun.


When: 8 pm

Where: Videotron Centre in Quebec City, QC

Place To Watch: ESPN2

Any Bruins Playing?: Zdeno Chara will be on defense for team Europe, as will former Bruins Dennis Seidenberg.

Should you watch?:
Aaron Eckblad’s first impression of the NA team was the following:

So I think it would be interesting to see how well that team actually plays in a live environment. The fact that they’ll be playing a bunch of grizzled veterans from across Europe will definitely help, give it a watch, see if the 1st period or the second period is the place where everything flies off the rails for Team Europe. Prioritize this if you happen to watch any of the exhibition games today or tonight.

And with all that said and done, let the international house of hockey re-open!