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World Cup of Hockey Exhibition Games: USA vs. Canada 9/9/16

The only game on the slate today, so this particular thread goes up late.

When: 7pm EST

Where: Nationwide Arena, Columbus Ohio

How to Watch: ESPNU, SN1, SN360 (You might want to try WatchESPN first if you don't have any of those channels. And I don't blame you if you don't.)

Any Bruins Playing?: Premiere forwards Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron will be playing tonight for Team Canada. David Backes will be playing for Team USA

Should you watch?:

Of course you should! it's the classic rivalry. The US and Canada! The two biggest* contributors to hockey ever! The places where the sport got it's start! The North American game's homelands coming together in-I'm just fucking with you, this game's gonna be "Jeff Goldblum loses his lower jaw and turns into the Brundlefly" of whatever USA Hockey thinks this game is going to be. I am 110 percent here to watch whatever John Tortorella thinks he can do to beat Canada explode in his face and I am here to laugh at him.

But hey! It's a game! and we had fun with the last three! Things are good! No worries at all...

So, my fellow patriots and ex-pats, What's on tap?

* = Citation needed