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Bruins vs. Blues 1/10/17 RECAP: Backes’ homecoming comes with a dominating B’s performance

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It was awesome. Read about it here.

NHL: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This was a good game.

1st Period:

The Bruins dominated.

From bell to bell the Bruins absolutely took the Blues to school in the first 20 minutes of play. They had the puck, they shot the puck, and they got the puck back. They held St. Louis to 2 shots throughout this entire period!

As opposed to the TV Timeout, NESN elected to show the entire tribute to previous St. Louis Blues captain David Backes. This was a great moment for him, his wife, his kids, and of course the organization hosting the Bruins. Top class stuff from everyone involved in this.

The scoring started pretty early, as Frank Vatrano got a laser past Jake Allen on a vicious cycle to put the Bruins up 8 minutes into the 1st. 1-0.

And the hits just kept coming for St. Louis as Jake Allen gave up one of the dumbest goals he could’ve possibly given as Brandon Carlo gets credit for him sweeping the leg... and putting the puck into his own net. 2-0

The Bruins would just keep rolling late into the third as Pastrnak drew half of the iced players St. Louis had to him to give Brad Marchand the clear lane to put the puck right past Jake Allen with a bullet. 3-0.

This would end Jake Allen’s night in favor of Carter Hutton.

2nd Period:

Second verse, same as the first!

...more or less.

Carter Hutton clearly was the better choice once Jake Allen made his exit. He played tightly, he was a much more challenging beat than Allen, and made some pretty impressive saves.

This however, is not one of them, as Torey Krug gets a real thundering shot right past the defender and into the Blues net. 4-0

A goal-scorer’s goal from a dynamic defenseman. Nothing else to say but Krug is phenominal at getting points.

Of course, then began a string of penalties that would come to define the 2nd period for Boston. And one put Colton Parayko’s riser shot right past Tuukka Rask for St. Louis’ first of the game. 4-1

They grow ‘em talented out in St. Albert, don’t they.

More penalties, and both sides would kill off the rest of ‘em. Unfortunately as the play got chippier and chippier, Boston would find themselves getting manhandled on a couple of situations, one such one putting Adam McQuaid out of action for the rest of the game as he landed awkwardly from absorbing and throwing a huge hit. Another such one was Jori Lehtera knocking Krejci into Joel Edmundson of which David Backes was NOT having.

This would put the bruins back on the penalty kill until the period ended, and Backes into the Box until almost the end of the game.

Third Period:

This is where St. Louis started to come back a little bit.

Clearly frustrated, St. Louis would bring furious attack after attack on the Bruins net, and the defense (and Tuukka, most importantly Tuukka) would steer them away. So when that wasn’t working they began to get physical, and when they got physical they ultimately brought Colin Miller into some of the worst pain he’s likely ever felt in his life.

Eesh. Having a dude the size of Ryan Reaves fall on you in pads has got to hurt like crazy. But he WOULD RETURN!

...Just as the Bruins give up a power play goal. A clear indicator that says “We need u bud, xoxo”

Yeah. Not great positioning put Berglund where he needed to be. 4-2

From that point, Boston shut the door on St. Louis, letting Ryan Spooner get a fantastic chance in on Hutton, letting the Bergeron and Krejci lines multiple opportunities to maybe bring the 5th goal to pass, and stymieing any chance of St. Louis getting their 3rd goal. Then, St. Louis got greedy, pulling Hutton who had effectively been their best defensive player all game, and let the Bergeron line take potshots on their empty net until finally one of them went in off of Tarasenko’s leg. 5-2 to Boston.

If you ever wanted to see what a gap in skill level looked like between two teams’ lines...this is it.

And that would do it as Boston shored up, let the clock run dr-


5-3 was your final score, after that little procedural snafu the Bruins shored up, let the clock run dry, and got an all-important 2 points. They play the Predators on Thursday at 8pm.

Game Notes:

  • Your possession leaders from tonight’s game were Ryan Spooner, David Backes, Frank Vatrano, David Krejci, and David Pastrnak.
  • Of course, it’s kind of hard to say there were leaders of possession at all given that the Bruins practically ran the Scottrade Center for most of the game.
  • Tuukka didn’t have a busy night, and all things considered that’s probably the best thing the Bruins can do for him.
  • Boston managed to get through a number of minutes in this game with only 4 defensemen. The 2016 Boston Bruins. That’s pretty impressive.
  • Adam McQuaid did not return after his awkward landing. Here’s hoping he recovers fully and safely.
  • David Pastrnak can’t get goals? He’ll just get assists to pad out his resume. He got 3 in tonight’s contest.
  • Torey Krug showed a lot of what makes him such a versatile player in last night’s contest. Was speedy, defensively strong all night, and smart with the puck. Can’t ask for much more than that.
  • I have a decidedly mixed “okay” on Backes’ fight. One on hand, good on him for stepping up for his teammates. On the other...You just came back from a concussion, dude.