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I Have A Dream

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A berth in the postseason

Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers
It is good to dream.
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Bruins host the Islanders this afternoon at 1:00PM at TD Garden on NESN. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!

  • We might not have the pleasure of Johnny Boychuk’s company this afternoon. Newsday
  • Millerless? Miller-free? No matter how you say it, the Bruins will be minus two defensemen. Paging Joe Morrow to the white courtesy phone! The Boston Globe
  • You’re up, kid! Morrow is ready, after playing the waiting game 33 times. Patriot Ledger
  • Torey Krug is suddenly red hot over the last three games, which is offsetting David Pastrnak’s slump. The Boston Globe
  • David Krejci played his 46th game of the season against the Flyers on Saturday, and coincidentally hit a career milest one. WEEI
  • Kirk Luedeke reminds us why we should all thank our lucky stars for Torey Krug. Scouting Post
  • Meanwhile, the Providence Bruins beat Springfield on Saturday but then suffered a 5-3 loss to Bridgeport on Sunday. Providence Journal

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The NHL hates fun, and this change to the All-Star Game events proves it. Sportsnet
  • A number of notable hockey stats sites have gone dark as advanced statistics hobbyists have found work crunching numbers for NHL teams. New York Times
  • Former Bruin Craig Cunningham was able to join his team this weekend, albeit as a spectator. (With video) The Score