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Would firing Claude Julien be a top-3 stupid move for the Cam Neely Bruins?

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Everything is fine

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Bruins lost bad last night, and with all of the rumors swirling around about Claude getting fired, I’ve gotta say: not gonna happen. I mean, something that monumentally stupid wouldn’t be something the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins would ever do. That would rank up there with some of the worst moves the Bruins have made during the Neely era. But I don’t know if it would be a top-3 mistake. Some moves it would compare to:

  • Trading Tyler Seguin for whatever, a bag of peanuts, and Loui Eriksson. It was so bad that the team put together a brand new television show just so they could spend the first episode defending the deal. Whatever, we’ve got Pastrnak now.
  • Signing Dennis Seidenberg for a stupid deal even though he was so old he was gathering rust and so slow he was gathering moss. The problem with this, moreso than the fact that they had to buy him out halfway through the deal, was that it handcuffed them into letting go of Johnny Boychuk for 2 second-round picks. I’m not saying that Boychuk would single-handedly have fixed the defense the last few years. But I am saying that a defense without the ghost of Dennis Seidenberg and with Johnny Boychuk would have gotten them to the playoffs the last 2 years.
  • Leading the charge on the 2012-2013 lockout. This is not a Neely decision, for sure, but Jeremy Jacobs is the head of the NHL board of governors and he is pro-lockout. And I have no intention of forgetting that, especially when we’re closer to the next lockout than we are to the previous one.
  • Not drafting these guys with three consecutive first-round picks:
  • Giving Gregory Campbell more money, ever.
  • Signing David Backes over Loui Eriksson because Grunt Bruins Hockey Tough Grunt. Not that David Backes has been bad, but Loui was (and is) better, and had better chemistry with a 7+ million dollar player in David Krejci.

Where would firing Claude fit into this mess? Unclear at this time. Here’s hoping we don’t find out.