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SCOC Midseason Report Cards: Frank Vatrano

The young winger has missed ample time and must now work to make up for it

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


Frank Vatrano's season didn't exactly get off to the rip-roaring start we'd hoped it'd be, as he suffered a torn ligament in his foot during practice before the season even began.

The signs are encouraging however now that he's finally taken NHL ice, in 15 games he's been doing alright from the standpoint of his state of play, being one of four bruins with a shooting percentage in double digits, and being able to get into the scoring swing even after an extended absence. Starting on the lower lines and working his way up into the top 6 as was expected of him earlier in the season, Frankie V has been productive in both shooting the puck, getting points, and scoring goals, including having a two-goal game during the unfortunately annoying game against Detroit:

Unfortunately for him it's been just such an abbreviated amount of time for him to make an impact that his grade suffers significantly because of it. If Boston had him from the start, there's probably good reason to believe the lineup stability would've likely improved the Bruins in some way but...them's the breaks.

Grade: Incomplete

He is a good player, there's little doubt about that, it's just that he's had less than half a season to prove it in big minutes and about 30 games to prove it again. Not an ideal start, but there's plenty there to suggest he'll be okay in the long run.


Games Played: 15

Goals: 5

Assists: 3

Points: 9

Shooting-%: 11.9

Season CF% as of 1/22/17: 57.41% per Corsica

OwnThePuck Visual: