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SCOC Midseason Report Cards: Joe Morrow

Morrow’s small sample size isn’t encouraging, let’s start there.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports


Joe Morrow has only played 17 NHL games this year. 65 in total.

Unfortunately, Joe is not exactly trending positively in terms of how his play has been going.

In fairness, Morrow has been in and out of the lineup frequently. Having reliable ice-time during november, taking a good portion of december off as the Miller pairing took control of the bottom pairing, but his return, after said pairing turned out to be a fairly decent selection for one’s second-to-bottom pairing, hasn’t necessarily yielded spectacular results, as his inclusion means his partner, John-Michael Liles, must play his off-wing in order to accomodate.

When Boston gets healthier, there’s a good chance this man will be riding Level 9 pine until the end of the season. Until then, hopefully he’s just going through a bad streak.

Grade: Incomplete, trending D

There’s plenty to work on with Morrow. He has some major concerns in getting the puck out of his own end, he has some major defensive miscues, and hasn’t scored like an offensive defenseman should, but his lack of minutes sort of mitigates that.


Games Played: 17

Goals: N/A

Assists: 1

Points: 1

Shooting-%: 0. Yep.

Season CF% as of 1/22/17: 53.79 %

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