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Mom’s The Word

Maybe a hug from Mom will help after last evening’s loss

Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins
Do it for Mom! David Pastrnak
Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

Let’s try again tomorroow, shall we? The Bruins will host the Red Wings at 7:00 on NESN.

  • The Bruins’ mothers were in the stands yesterday to enjoy the game. It was a migraine that was affecting Tuukka Rask’s vision. The Boston Globe
  • The Bruins goal scoring has gone cold, unlike yesterday’s dicey playing surface. Poor timing, indeed. The Score
  • The players and coach at least have not quit on each other, but we are all waiting to hear from the Bruins front office- hello? WEEI
  • An odd patch of bad ice requiring repair, Tuukka Rask fighting a migraine- just bad luck. The Bruins just can’t seem to turn it around despite doggedly playing the system. WEEI
  • More passengers than on an MBTA train... Zane McIntyre left twisting in the wind... BINGO! Four losses in a row. The Boston Globe
  • Well, how did we get here? Evaluate the personnel moves that differentiate this season’s Bruins from the 2013-2014 Presidents Trophy iteration that made it to the playoffs. The Boston Globe
  • Cheer up with a look at a few possible drafting targets for the Bruins- tall goalies seem to be sprouting in the spotlight. Scouting Post
  • Meanwhile, in Providence, the P Bruins pasted the Phantoms on Saturday 9-1... Patriot Ledger ...and then the Wolf Pack chased Anton Khudobin and beat the PBruins 5-2 yesterday. Providence Journal

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Take a look behind the curtain at a few of the artists creating goalie mask magic. The Record
  • Catch up with these ten quick bullet points of NHL news. TSN
  • Who’s the best hockey dad? Some New England Patriots football player... BarDown
  • This weekend wrap-up includes one bit of good news- and it is that the Bruins are deemed to not be with the league’s bottom feeders. Sportsnet