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SCOC Midseason Report Cards: John-Michael Liles

A player they need to play well and circumstances have put him in an unhappy position

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports


John-Michael Liles just can’t win, can he.

Showing up effectively too late on a roster that can barely support itself defensively last year, then in a year where they need him, he finds himself hurt in November and unable to play until January. And then, when all that’s over with, JML finds that he needs to play on his off-wing with Joe Morrow on the heels of Colin Miller being out on injury. It’s like this season is designed to mess with him.

Not helping his case this year is probably the worst shooting percentage on the team. JML is currently rocking a goose egg in terms of shots. 0%. Yes, 0%. That’s something real that’s happening. The highest amount of shots JML has taken this season is 3. Across two games. Across his entire season. That’s not good.

Of course, Liles is intended to be a mobile assist maker and shot-suppressor by trade, and he has 5 assists, so that’s something...of course, it’s not enough on a season that quickly appears to be flagging. He needs to justify his existence on the team or risk being traded as a rental.

Grade: C

Last year he was one of few competent defensemen the Bruins had. This year, he has not been in a position to succeed in the slightest. He hasn’t made it easy on himself, and in his relatively cheap deal, he can be worth the Bruins time. He just has to show it.


Goals: n/a

Assists: 5

Points: 5

Shooting-%: 0. Yes, 0.

Season CF% as of 1/22/17: 52.87

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