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Bruins vs. Penguins Preview: Rhyme Time

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A promise is a promise for #BellLetsTalk

Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

I’m a man of my word. I apologize in advance for what you’re about to read.

Before I begin, please do pardon

This preview that you are now startin’.

It’s all gonna rhyme

As I take some time

To preview this game at the Garden.

Sunday was these two teams’ last meeting,

And the B’s took a serious beating.

They lost it by four,

and it could have been more

As the team fell out of playoff seeding.

But Thursday begins a new chapter.

And it’s two points the B’s will be after.

Will they put up a fight,

and give us a good night?

Or will we witness another disaster?

The Bruins could be without Brad,

Who the league thinks has been very bad.

He gave Kronwall a slew;

‘Twas a dumb thing to do,

And a suspension’s likely to be had.

If Bradley is out, we’ll see Austin,

Who after a scratch will be tossed in.

He’s got a cool name,

But it’s just not the same.

A definite downgrade for Boston.

This fact isn’t quite reassuring:

The Bruins still struggle with scoring,

While the Pens score the most

Of all teams coast-to-coast.

The contrast is really quite flooring.

The Penguins will be without Geno,

Who’s the Gehrig to Crosby’s Bambino.

He’ll be out through the break,

Which is no big mistake:

It’d be more fun to hit the casino.

All-Star is the next game to play.

You can head to your couch and just lay.

Tune in to see skills,

Maybe one or two thrills.

If Tuukka does well, you’ll say "yay!"

Come 7, the refs drop the puck.

Let’s hope for some heart and some pluck.

Go show Pittsburgh who’s boss.

Please, don’t be a loss

That makes us all say "what the f***?????"

Thanks for sticking this all the way through.

I know it’s a weird ol’ preview.

It was for #BellLetsTalk.

And please, do not balk,

If you ever need someone to talk to.

For real, if you’re ever going through anything, anyone on staff would be happy to lend an ear. Hang in there.