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Probable lines: Bruins vs. Penguins

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Lots of juggling if ol’ Brad gets suspended...

Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

The Bruins didn’t practice this morning, so it’s hard to say with too much certainty what their lines will look like with Brad Marchand out.

To be fair, we’re not certain yet that Marchand will, in fact, be out. However, given the blatant nature of the slewfoot and his history, it’d be shocking if Marchand isn’t given a ban of a game or two by the time the game starts tonight.

For the sake of argument, we’re assuming Marchand is out.

EDIT: He is not. He’s been fined, and will play tonight. Expect the lines to be the same as on Tuesday. You can view my senseless musings below, for the sake of posterity. what?

Let’s speculate:

Vatrano - Bergeron - Pastrnak

Beleskey - Krejci - Backes

Schaller - Spooner - Hayes

Czarnik - Moore - Nash

Admittedly, those bottom two are mess.

The problem is that Austin Czarnik is the team’s healthy scratch, and he shoots right. Riley Nash shoots right. Someone is going to have to play on their off wing in order to fill the void left by Marchand.

Hayes had a decent game on Tuesday, as did Schaller. Give them Spooner to try to generate some offense.

Czarnik playing on his off wing can be sheltered by the responsible Moore. Nash is just there.

On defense, things should be the same as Tuesday.

Chara - Carlo

Krug - McQuaid

Miller - Miller

Expect Rask to start, as it’s the last game before the break.