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SCOC Midseason Report Cards: Jimmy Hayes

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Jimmy Hayes has had a disappointing year, let’s talk about it.

New York Islanders v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


Jimmy Hayes’ year has not been good to him.

The Dorchester native’s year has been plagued by a real lack of purpose that sort of came about due to other players filling the gap he ended up not being able to hold down. It was marred with performances that had any combination of being fairly unimpressive on defense, hanging onto the puck too long or having the puck bounce off of his stick in the offensive zone, being a large body that barely throws hits (and certainly not ones that actually reestablish possession.), and having one of the single worst Sh% regressions on the team. Hayes has been playing primarily in Boston’s depth and it’s clear he may not be the right fit for a team that’s slowly getting it’s act together, at least right now while he’s struggling.

This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if he wasn’t one of the single most frustrating players Boston has to offer in a frustrating season, and especially in the depth that, for a time anyway, was scoring more consistently than the second line. 3 points is unacceptable as a forward while players like Moore and Schaller are in their double digits in points, and players like Riley Nash aren’t far behind them while playing similar minutes. It’s been precisely a month and change since he has tallied on the score sheet.

At his price tag of 2.3 Million a year, there are players making less than half that number in Boston’s depth that have played/are playing over him and having more of an immediate impact scoring and defense-wise.

Grade: D-

Jimmy Hayes’ performances have a worrying side effect for the guy: He’s fairly replaceable, no matter where they put him. There is someone in Boston’s depth that can do what he does, except slightly better, at almost every position available to him.

He needs to be better. Simple as that. And he has about 30 games to do so.


Games Played: 37

Goals: 2

Assists: 1

Points: 3

Shooting-%: 5.85%

Season CF as of 1/25/17: 50.94%

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