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All-Star Tournament 2k17 Preview: Schedule, Recap of the Skills Comp, and more!

Tuukka and the Bradlantic Division take on the all-star teams of the Metro, Central, and Pacific divisions. Can they come out on top?

Discover NHL Shootout Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Just the Facts:

Place to Watch: NBC, CBC, Sportsnet, TVAS


Central vs. Pacific Division: 3:30 EST

Atlantic vs. Metropolitan Division: 4:30 EST

[Winner of Central vs. Pacific] vs. [Winner of Atlantic vs. Metropolitan] and thus winner of the All-Star Game: 5:30 EST

Winner of the Skills Competition:

Atlantic Division. As such, they elected to play second.


Some stuff you might’ve missed from the Skills Competition:

  • Brad Marchand helped lift the Atlantic Division to winning the skills competition in the shootout by opening up with a hell of a backhand shot he practically telegraphed. Mike Smith didn’t have a chance.
  • Ryan Kesler’s kid ended up scoring on Carey Price. Aww.
  • Sid’s puck was some lucky effing 2 point thing which was BS.
  • Tuukka Rask took the bigger saves of the Atlantic against Jeff Carter and Connor McDavid to get the Atlantic the win!
  • Chris Pronger crushed Justin Bieber. It was great.

All that’s been done and said, and all that’s left is for the Atlantic Division to go and play it out.

Go get ‘em, guys.

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