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Bruins vs. Devils 1/2/17 RECAP: New Years’ hangover appears to doom the Bruins in a 3-0 shutout.

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Struggling offense, awful decisions, and a host of brain farts brought one of the most un-entertaining games to a merciful close.

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Why are the Bruins.

First Period:

The evening didn’t start all that great, as early on the Devils seemed to be the team with a lot more pop to their game. They were quicker, they were looking for chances with better accuracy, and they were dominating play early.

Then 5 minutes in, a truly brutal shift caused Tuukka Rask to panic (I guess) and try and freeze a puck that was off behind him without anyone covering the passer taking a weird bounce. Unfortunately, he missed hard. And Zdeno Chara couldn’t save his bacon. 1-0 Devils.

Boston did try and create some offense, or at least a spark of some kind, with Colin Miller deciding he was gonna square off with Devils player Miles Wood after he laid out his fellow Miller.

And it almost worked! The Bruins buzzed Schneider hard all through this period and got SO CLOSE to tying the game up, but upon video review the puck apparently didn’t go all the way across the line and the result stayed going into the second.

Second Period:

The New Jersey Devils new jersey devil’d until the period ended.

Okay, so things did happen, but Boston got so brutally stymied by the Devils’ defense that the best they could ask for this period was a great chance by Tim Schaller.

And on to the third we go.

Third Period:

The dagger in last night’s game came early from Kevan Miller pinching at the worst possible time as a puck went past him, springing Miles Wood to go to Warp 4.5 and get a pass to Sergey Kalinen who got it past Rask. 2-0 Devils.

The Bruins would then spend the rest of the period desperately trying to conjure any offense at all, but to no avail. Power Plays didn’t work, several annoying penalties were taken, and not thirty seconds after Claude pulled Rask?

It was all over. New Jersey gets two points and Boston is shut out for the third time this year on one of the most miserably boring games they will play this year.

Game Notes:

  • Your Possession leaders in tonight’s game were Riley Nash, Noel Acciari, Austin Czarnik, and Tim Schaller. In case you wanted to know how well that went.
  • Rask in spite of the night he had got away from tonight with a .920 SV%. Ordinarily you can make something out of a performance like that but...
  • Boston was held to five shots on both the 2nd and 3rd period. That is odd and awful and I never want to see it happen ever again.
  • Boston cannot keep pissing points away to competition that, by all intents and purposes, is absolutely beneath them.
  • Miles Wood sounds like an awful porn name and I’m glad Colin Miller decided to have a donnybrook with him.
  • The Devils are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. I was falling asleep halfway through the second.

Your next game is on thursday night as Boston hosts the Edmonton Oilers. That game is at 7 o’clock. Thank you for reading.