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SCOC Midseason Report Card: David Pastrnak

He’s #THELEGEND, what more do you need?

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports


David Pastrnak has 20 goals as an NHLer in his first 100% full-time experience as a roster member for Boston. He’s nearing 40 points at half-way through the season.

For reference, he scored his 20th goal goal last sunday.

For reference, His 19 goals prior were not met or surpassed by another Bruin until Brad Marchand’s two goal game last thursday. Three Bruins closest to him in goals are 9 goals away from even coming close.

When he’s not scoring, he’s usually having a 2 or 3 point assist night, creating goals for Boston.

In fact, it was a moment of real consternation for folks when he went through an uncharacteristic point drought, of which he ended in absolutely spectacular fashion against Detroit.

Really, what else do you need? At 20 years old, he stands poised to see 50, maybe even 60 points at the NHL level. He is one of the grander steals the Bruins have been able to get via drafting. He’s one of the premiere possession players on Boston with about a year and a half’s worth of experience at the highest level of competition. He is by far the brightest light of talent Boston has to offer, and can give you hope for a future where all the inconsistency and woe this year has brought is worth it.

Grade: A+

#THELEGEND grows only stronger with each passing game, and is probably the biggest signing Boston needs to get done by year’s end.

And we won’t notice because we’ll be too dazzled by everything he does in the interim.


Goals: 20

Assists: 18

Points: 38

Shooting-%: 8.08%

Season CF% as of 1/29/17: 59.91%

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