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Well, it IS Wintertime, after all

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1996 46th NHL All-Star Game: Western Conference v Eastern Conference
Cheer up with a picture of Cam Neely, dressed for the 1996 All-Star Game. It was held at the FleetCenter, and the Eastern Conference won.
Photo by Scott Levy/Getty Images

With a razor thin margin in the standings, the Bruins can cross their fingers as their competitors play their games in hand.

  • Once again, all eyes turn to Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, and also to the luffing power play. If the Devils game was a blip, the Bruins will be okay. The Boston Globe
  • The compacted 82 game grind is exposing the Bruins as a team with little to fall back on when top-six forwards are dropping like flies. WEEI
  • Listen to Kirk Luedeke’s prospect review focused on the young Bruins, both amateurs (Audio, 45:36) Scouting Post as well as the pros. (Audio, 49:21) Scouting Post
  • TimmyHeads rejoice! Tim Schaller is featured in this month’s issue of the New England Hockey Journal. Bonus- more Kirk Luedeke prospect reports.
  • Somehow bad news just seems better coming from these guys with a side of salt. Like scoring woes. Days of Y’Orr Or queue up an earful on backup goaltending and more “Fire Claude” debate. (Audio, 1:00:09) Soundcloud
  • There is better news from Providence, as categorized here in the traditional good, bad, and ugly categories. Remember Zac Rinaldo? He did a thing- of course he exited the penalty box to accomplish it... Providence Journal

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Here is the synopsis of drama around the NHL this past weekend, including the teams likeliest to play for the Stanley Cup, and those inching toward top seed in the lottery, Tom Wilson being Tom Wilson, and sour news for P.K. Subban. Sportsnet
  • Dear NHL, save everyone time and trouble, just send the Stanley Cup to Columbus already! The Ringer
  • A trio of problems haunt the World Junior Championship- too many teams, some blowout games, and pricey tickets. And how many times does Canada get to host, anyway?!? The Hockey News
  • This week in Thirty Thoughts... The NHL has prepared 2 scheduled to accommodate Olympic participation... or not. Will the IOC (or the NHL or NHLPA) have the fortude to ban Russia over systematic doping? No wonder the Russian Machine Never Breaks... Sportsnet
  • Here are the outdoor game match-ups we’d all like to see, and why. The Hockey News