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You don't want Auston Matthews, Toronto? Let's talk.

Toronto fans don't want their American superstar anymore. Is this the perfect time for Boston to strike?

2016 IIHF World Championship Quarterfinal: Czech Republic vs USA Photo by Sergei Fadeichev\TASS via Getty Images

The honeymoon is over for Auston Matthews in Toronto. Barely half a season into his rookie year and, despite a rookie season for the ages, the Leafs fans are already unhappy with AM34 for the cardinal sin of being a proud American.

Matthews tweeted his joy at the US winning the World Juniors last night, and let's just say it's not gone down well in Hogtown. All you have to do is look at the replies to his tweeting of American flags from Leafs fans last night...gems like this one:

Or this.

Or even this.

There are hundreds like these from Leafs fans. Hundreds.

If we know anything about the Toronto market, we know that it's not a market you can easily come back from annoying the fans. Which means it's surely only a matter of time before Auston Matthews goes the way of Phil Kessel, right? Steve Simmons is probably sharpening his pen and looking up Auston Matthews' favorite hot dog stand as we speak.

If Boston are going to spend a ridiculous amount on Gabriel Landeskog, what's stopping them going for a home run and at least giving the Leafs a call on Matthews?

After all, David Krejci is set to become the Leafs' next great European star. Matt Beleskey or Jimmy Hayes will give them the grit that Lou Lamoniello loves. We at Chowder would even consider giving up Brandon Carlo for Matthews (though that might be pushing it a little - you don't give up Brandon Carlo for just anyone).

Let's have some fun here. If Auston Matthews were ever to come on the market, what sort of package would he attract?