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Bruins vs Panthers 1/7/17 RECAP: Two U’s, Two K’s, Two points, Two-th in Division

Tuukka Rask’s 35th career shutout and a dominant performance by the Bruins puts them in a pretty good spot.

Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

I love it when bad Ontarioan hockey team luck comes together!

First Period:

The Bruins started slow, fairly abysmally slow. Thankfully, they had Tuukka Rask, who would begin his absolutely fantastic performance with a number of big stops in the opening few minutes as Boston slowly re-collected themselves. I cannot (and Jack Edwards tried) express how important given the last couple of games this performance at the beginning of the game was for Boston, and Rask is shown to be all the better for it.

There were also a number of penalties called, some for Boston, others for Florida.

But as time of course is so fond of showing us, the Bruins love penalty killing.

Especially Brad Marchand.

Brad Marchand gets a special pleasure in watching the life in an opponent’s power play drain from it’s eyes. 1-0 on the shorthanded goal.

And boy, does he make short-handed bids his weapon of choice. An absolutely incredible PK shift for Brad.

From there, Boston slowly began waking up, not necessarily overtaking Florida, but definitely showing way more life than the opening minutes had shown.

Second Period:

Normally Period 1b is a moment of consternation for Bruins fans as they hope the Bruins don’t screw it up.

Boston rewarded their concerns with an absolutely dominant 2nd period, starting with an absolutely tremendous effort by Frank Vatrano to get a beautiful shot on Reimer, which was JUST BARELY stopped by Jared McCann’s shoulder. The Bruins would get their 2nd goal of the game from David Backes on his first game back from his concussion. 2-0 Bruins.

Always good to see a guy coming back from injury pick up right where they left off. Good on Backes to get that tip, and a fantastic play by Krejci.

The good times would continue to roll as Marchand got his second on a rebound opportunity from Torey Krug’s thundering shot. 3-0 Bruins

Torey Krug just racking up those assists. This kid is something.

Oh yeah, and Brad Marchand is a fantastic player. Never quitting on the play.

From there, Florida’s spirit was completely broken and Boston could impose shots, hits, and possession at will on the Panthers, causing no small amount of frustration for Florida fans. The Bruins walked out of this period ready to take their destiny

Third Period:

The Game could’ve not been a shutout. Boston’s early third period could’ve been a major letdown given how passively they took it in terms of play.

Of course, that would just be Boston lulling Florida into a false sense of security. Tuukka Rask had the Panthers right where he wanted them.

And so did Riley Nash, scoring one of the most bizarre-angled of bizarre-angle goals.

Hey, you never know about what exact shot goes in. Good on Riley Nash to get a goal and good on him to spring the offense in such a goofy way.

The Bruins would effectively take over the rest of the game, ran the clock out, and walked away from this contest with all smiles, plenty of strong points, and a dominant performance under their belt. They play Carolina tonight at the bizarre time of 5pm.

Game Notes:

  • Brad with 2 goals! And an absolutely fantastic effort from him.
  • Your possession leaders from tonight’s game were Colin Miller, Dominic Moore, Torey Krug, Riley Nash, and Patrice Bergeron.
  • Torey Krug is an assist master. He’s getting a lot more of his points from assists than goals, but he’s still getting points. That’s a powerful tool for Boston, and I hope he keeps this up.
  • Rask was phenominal. No further comment necessary. He was sharp, he was aggressive, he was everything he’s advertised.
  • The officiating was kinda weird in last night’s game. Boston got away with most of the man-advantages but the officials definitely wanted to be a bigger part of this than they were.
  • Lol Dale Tallon got an “abuse of official” call. What the heck.
  • Riley Nash’s goal was...uh...yeah. Weird, huh? But a good night for the 3rd and 4th lines.

See you next time! And thank you for reading.