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Fresh Links: No Snowballs, Paraskevidekatriaphobia

Does Friday the 13 fill you with more dread than a Bruins v. Avalanche game?

Boston Bruins v Phoenix Coyotes
This is a Photoshop. Because NO ONE NEEDS GLOVES IN ARIZONA.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Fire up your coffee pots and meet us here at 9:00 PM ET on Saturday as the Coyotes host the Bruins on NESN.

  • For the Bruins to move forward, avoiding snowballs is key. Torey Krug explains. Boston Herald
  • Bullet points from Wednesday’s loss hint that the speed of the game may have caught up to and surpassed the speed of the Bruins’ thought processes. Veteran presence was sorely missed. Boston Globe
  • The remaining veterans who were on ice in Denver were called out by their coach. Krug accepted responsibility. CBS Boston
  • Mike Loftus sat with Mick Colageo postgame. The Avalanche may simply not be an auspicious matchup for the Bruins (rather than a harbinger of disaster) but why all the easy goals? Are they playing down to what they consider lesser teams? They are hopeful for Danton Heinen and Tim Schaller more than Frank Vatrano. Should the Bruins stand pat for now until key players get healthy? (Audio, 38:13) South Coast Today
  • Enjoy these three wild predictions for the Bruins this season, just to cheer up. Puck Prose
  • Or be like David Pastrnak and let a young Avalanche fan’s joy flow through you. NHL
  • Bob Goucher’s replacement, Judd Sirott, is a reformed Blackhawks fan who found his way to 98.5 The Sports Hub by way of the University of Michigan and with advice from others in the hockey media.

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The Bruins and Maple Leafs currently top the NHL in one category- relish these statistics from the NHL season so far- they’re all based on small sample size. Sportsnet
  • Today is the day to scare the daylights out of yourself with these 13 scary goalie masks. NHL
  • With marijuana legalization spreading, will it be the new performance enhancing drug? Globe and Mail
  • A new rule requires that an emergency backup goalie be available in-house, courtesy of the home team. Maybe now they’ll even get PAID! CBC
  • Good things come in small packages, and finally there is a market in the NHL for undersized defensemen. The Hockey News
  • Good on the Vegas Golden Knights , who are good- not simply a good story. TSN
  • So sorry, Seattle and Quebec- will the next expansion team be in Houston? Sportsnet