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Bruins vs. Coyotes 10/14/17 RECAP: Bruins dismantle Arizona in a 6-2 win!

B’s get back on track with a beatdown in Glendale!

NHL: Boston Bruins at Arizona Coyotes Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

First Period:

Man, the way things started tonight you’d be terrified for this game. The Bruins spent a lot of time in their own end, and eventually the Coyotes managed to break the ice early with Mario Kempe tipping the puck past Anton Khudobin. 1-0 Yotes.

Thankfully, the Bruins finally decided they were sick of this whole “get down and chase the lead” thing, and began attacking the Coyotes. It was Zdeno Chara’s blast that impacted David Pastrnak that got the teams tied up at 1.

Get that kid an ice pack for the trip to Vegas. That had to hurt.

And with that, Boston seemed to be an entirely different team for the rest of the period. They were getting more dangerous, they were testing Domingue, and they were making the Coyotes chase the flow of play. Onto the second!

Second Period:

This is where Boston REALLY took off.

It started with a solid penalty kill that transitioned into a power play, and Jake DeBrusk got his second of the year by tipping a shot from David Krejci with all the malice and control of a scalpel. 2-1 Bruins!

Jake DeBrusk likes being in your way. It leads to good things for Boston.

Later in the period, the Bruins were hacking away at one of many offensive shifts, when David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand kind of fumbled a 2 on 1 chance. But it’s okay, Zdeno Chara was there to clean everything up and make it 3-1!

No, seriously. Chara did this.

The horror those poor Coyotes must’ve felt. Knowing Chara will be showing up on the rush in future games.

And to top this period off, Chara also helped get Brad Marchand one of the prettier goals he’s gonna score all season when he got a nifty pass all the way up to Marshy who was effectively on his own and just let him do his thing. 4-1 Boston!

Savor this video. Savor it always. Because it was delicious.

With that, the Bruins walked into the 3rd period with their heads held high and their score pretty well held together.

Third Period:

The Bruins basically took everything they had from the 2nd period and just kept the pace up here, while they did have less shots, they did make them all quality chances.

Of course, the first team to actually score in this period was Arizona, who took advantage of sloppy penalty killing by giving their premiere defenseman the puck. OEL scores and it’s 4-2...

...Immediately followed by the 4th lines absolute best shift of the night, where Tim Schaller finally cashed in one of his many, many chances and restored the B’s respectful distance. 5-2!

Schaller had gotten a golden chance earlier in the period, and it was good to see him finally get rewarded for his hard work.

Of course, that wasn’t it for scoring, as Anders Bjork scored off of DeBrusk’s errant pass getting past almost everyone in the backcheck and leaving him a wide open goal. Time wound down, and the Bruins left Arizona with a 6-2 win!

Game Notes:

  • Your leaders in possession tonight were Sean Kuraly, Tim Schaller, Brandon Carlo, Brad Marchand, and Zdeno Chara.
  • Even David Pastrnak’s C- shifts result in goals! He got a secondary assist on Chara’s goal even if he couldn’t get a pass through to Marchand. That’s a good talent if even the less good efforts get points.
  • The 4th line antagonized Arizona all damn night and they absolutely earned the goal they got Tim Schaller.
  • Anders Bjork had a pretty goal. Go watch it on our web zone.
  • Riley Nash had some flashes of brilliance whilst playing with Marchand and Pasta and improved his Faceoff-%, but it’s becoming clear that this experiment has a limited shelf life, as he was once again the weak link on a line that was otherwise pretty spotless all night. It would be nice if say...The Krejci line could sub in here as the first line and give that particular unit lesser competition so they can properly run them out of whatever building they’re tasked with being in next.
  • 3 points on the night for Big Zdeno Chara. Anyone who thinks he’s done got a nice kick in the mouth from the Slovakian monster man tonight. While he may be slow, he’s still gigantic and still packing a hell of a shot. And now he’s joining rushes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • Aside from some brain-dead plays here or there, Khudobin and the Bruins defense had a markedly better performance than they did the last two games. They’re gonna need to use that to...go into the game against Vegas. Did I just type that? Did I just type that and mean it?
  • Jake DeBrusk is a delight. Constantly getting involved, always in the thick of play, competes like crazy, isn’t afraid of contact, and was rewarded tonight with a goal and an assist. Just a great young prospect to have on hand.

Next game is the Bruins first game against the Vegas Golden Knights, tonight at 7pm EST. See you there!