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Fresh Links: Begin Again

No, NOT Steve Begin again!

Pittsburgh Penguins v Boston Bruins
We should see Patrice Bergeron again soon, here with Steve Begin back in 2009.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In the lull between games, the Bruins have time to lick their wounds and reassess.

  • Take a breath. The Bruins would be well served to hit the re-set button and begin anew. After all, there are reasons behind some of their struggles. Patriot Ledger
  • If you’re not feeling especially optimistic, fine- but Brad Marchand pointedly does NOT want any blame laid at one particular doorstep. Boston Herald
  • The Bruins are deficient in one crucial area that has to do with the absence of Patrice Bergeron. One formerly ubiquitous coaching tool is happily absent in the season so far, and GOOD RIDDANCE. Oh, and Kevan Miller STILL needs to address one annoying problem. Boston Globe
  • Be careful what you wish for, those of you who have been ranting for years now to “play the kids.” CBS Boston
  • There is no news yet on Adam McQuaid or Ryan Spooner. WEEI
  • Briefly review this week’s games and then glance down the road at what awaits the Bruins at week’s end. Bonus- predictions, and a heartfelt postscript. Causeway Crowd
  • A quartet of positive trends are working in Boston’s favor... Prime Time Sports Talk ...even as a trio of nagging issues continue to cost the team dearly. Prime Time Sports Talk
  • Meanwhile, in Providence- congratulations to Kenny Agostino, who has been recognized by the AHL. Providence Bruins
  • Here is a longer appreciation of the late Roger Napolitano of the Gallery Gods, whose reign began in 1937. Boston Globe

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • It’s a wrap! Here’s everything you need to know from the weekend’s NHL action. A reminder- November 1st marks an important assessment point for all teams. Sportsnet
  • How about some art appreciation? These NHL logos are elegantly executed in stained glass. WANT! BarDown
  • Three NHL coaches are on the hot seat- here’s why or why not they may be looking for jobs before we all slice Thanksgiving turkey. Puck Prose
  • Concussions jeopardize the future of the NFL, and will similarly threaten the future of the NHL if the league does not take action now. Globe and Mail
  • It isn’t easy being Jen @NHLHistoryGirl or Sean McIndoe @DownGoesBrown. There are hazards. @NHLhistorygirl
  • That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. Take a look around the world’s OTHER professional hockey leagues and see who may be tapped for their Olympic teams. Look! Former Bruins like Daniel Paille and Ben Youds as well as old friend Chris Bourque may merit a look. The Hockey News