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INJURY UPDATE: Ryan Spooner out 4-6 weeks, maybe longer.

Oh boy...that’s gonna be bad.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Vegas Golden Knights Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

The injury train keeps on running over Bruins.

This time? Ryan Spooner.

Per the update:

Ryan Spooner suffered a right groin adductor tear during the team's game at Vegas on October 15. The expected recovery time is approximately four to six weeks.


And what’s more, that’s the muscles right under your leg and help with hip flexing and rotating and in general moving. Right here.

Highlighted portion is the region he’s torn.

Kind of important in the grand scheme of things in order to move around. Spooner will likely need more than a week or so after his body’s healthy to get back up to proper speed.

Until then, it looks like one of Boston’s many, many centers under contract will likely get a shot at proving themselves.