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Adam McQuaid has a broken leg

At this point, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

Vancouver Canucks v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

During last night’s game, there was a sequence where Adam McQuaid was felled by a shot; he then struggled to his feet, stayed in the play and was promptly hit by another slapshot.

McQuaid was helped to the bench after the puck was cleared and was immediately helped down the tunnel.

Now we know why: the Bruins announced this afternoon that McQuaid suffered a broken right fibula when blocking the shot.

He will have surgery on Monday, and will be out for two months.


McQuaid is much-maligned by many Bruins fans, but you can’t doubt the guy’s hustle and disregard for his own safety.

He got hit with a shot and was hurt on Sunday night in Vegas, then took two more off the legs last night; the last one is the one that did him in.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for McQuaid.

Expect the Bruins to recall a defenseman sometime in the next day or so.