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Vadim Shipachyov wants out of Vegas. Should Boston be his ticket?

Skilled, on a maneuverable contract, only in the US for the next two years, and now trying to find a way out of Vegas. Should Boston ship up to Vadim?

Boston Bruins v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

To say that this Vadim Shipachyov saga has been ridiculous is a gross understatement. But now he’s up for a change of scenery, and he’d like a way either back to the KHL or onto another NHL roster. We should now discuss an interesting thought:

...Should they be in on this?


The saga began sometime before the season, when a number of players that seemed to be NHL-Ready were immediately sent down to Vegas’ AHL team, which raised nothing but confusion from fans and analysts because a number of them looked...honestly like they were ready to take on the NHL: Ship included.

But McPhee and Gallant saw differently I suppose, and indeed this did have some cap implications of some kind, so Ship stayed off the game rosters for...reasons, I guess. Rumors swirled that he was already pissed and wanted out, but eventually George McPhee ended up quashing them and stating he was going to eventually be a player, waiting until Erik Haula ended up getting hurt, and he was slotted into the lineup against Boston.

He did pretty well to capitalize on a poor defensive effort, if you remember correctly.

And indeed he did just fine in the ensuing couple of games...but was again sent to the minors when Haula healed, to the continued bewilderment of many.

Today, Elliot Friedman confirmed the news that he’s looking for a way out.

And so, here we are. A player who was slated to be Vegas’ big number one guy is now looking to greener pastures. With less than ten games in the season played.

So with all of that in mind...why should Boston bother with this guy?

The Case for Ship:

Well, for NHL experience, he has a goal in 3 games, is a +3, and (though sample size is everything) has a higher CF% than the entire Vegas first line right now (Eakin, Perron, and Neal).

As for Pro-level experience, Ship came to the NHL on the back of a 76 point in 50 game season with the KHL powerhouse SKA St. Petersburg, with a 19 point in 17 playoff game performance in the postseason. Ship is an offense-first player with incredible instincts in the attacking end and on north american ice has certainly looked the part, hungry for goals and hungry for opportunities. That’s something a fanbase can get behind and sounds perfect for Coach Cassidy’s more aggressive style of offense. Especially as a center, where the team has started to look a bit thin with all the injuries, in spite of having a bazillion centers on the roster being asked to do anything other than play center.

On top of that, he could represent an opportunity for the team to perhaps continue to offload older, struggling talent to a team that appears to prefer players that are native North Americans or at least young prospects. Players like Matt Beleskey for example have been on NA ice for awhile now, whose to say he doesn’t need a change of pace? David Backes’ contract is going to look worse and worse as time goes on and no amount of leadership is going to change that. Why not let him find a renewed sense of purpose in Vegas?

And before you jump down my throat about him being a gotdang rooskie, I’d like to remind you of three things:

  • The cold war’s over. Move on.
  • The only “Attitude problem” this one has is that he wants to play in the NHL and George McPhee won’t let him in spite of having more goals than Cody Eakin.
  • Sergei Samsonov was a Bruin for eight years and was productive.

Suffice to say, Boston can make this work.

The Case against Ship:

Now, the big knock against Vadim and all his his contract, and the Bruins’ cap situation, which quite frankly is and would continue to be a mess, whether or not they decided to give him a shot.

Shipachyov has a perfectly reasonable 3.75 million a year contract that jumps to 4.5 million a year in 2018-19, then free agency. He’s a solid short-term option...if you can maneuver a body.

Currently, if no players return from injured reserve, like Spooner or McQuaid, they have plenty of cap space to accommodate his contract, around 4.7 million. The issue is if either one of those guys come back.

Many of the players that the team could move, or could stand to move either to offload salary or because of performance like Backes and Beleskey have no move clauses until 2019 or have modified clauses that would make moving him difficult, or a player in mind would be someone whose contract does not make up for the amount of money coming in, like a Frank Vatrano contract.

Oh, and a few who could maybe move around without concern? They’re on injured reserve. Not exactly the greatest sell to the Knights, who have clearly indicated they want to get as many picks and players as they can going into the next few years.

So the option then is picks and prospects, right? Which would likely mean one of many players you have hopes on for the future, on the roster or not...would now be trade bait! Whether you think it’s warranted or not. And for a player like Ship, whose only played two or three games all the way through, there’s just as much promise with him as there is for players like Jake DeBrusk or Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson.

It’d be as much of a crapshoot as any other move, to be perfectly honest.


With that in mind, we turn this over to you. What do you think? Do you think this is a shot worth taking so early on? Or should Boston just be patient and hope he doesn’t get traded in-division?


Should the Bruins make a move for Vadim Shipachyov?

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  • 44%
    Yes, they need a jump at Center, and Boston needs cap relief from expensive acquisitions!
    (227 votes)
  • 17%
    Yes, it’d be nice to maybe move a player down a line so they’d ease into the NHL better
    (87 votes)
  • 24%
    No, we still need to give these prospects a chance
    (123 votes)
  • 14%
    No, he’s too expensive regardless
    (74 votes)
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