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Bruins sign Kyle Keyser to an ELC

Well, the Bruins will at least have another Goaltender in the system now


Apparently 8 o’clock on a tuesday is a good time to do roster decisions.

The Bruins announced today that they’d be signing Kyle Keyser to a 3 year ELC. Let’s take a look at his stats!:

Kyle Keyser stats

Season Team League Games Played Save-%
Season Team League Games Played Save-%
2015-16 Flint Firebirds OHL 17 0.88
2016-17 Oshawa Generals OHL 26 0.89
2017-18 Oshawa Generals OHL 4 0.903

Keyser’s clearly been in a backup role for most of his junior career, and this is going to be the first year where he’s a starter. He’s done alright so far, so let’s see how the rest of his year goes.

Welcome Kyle to the Boston Bruins!