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Backes to have surgery, possibly out through December

Diverticulitis strikes again, putting the big forward on the shelf.

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators - Game Five

The hits keep coming for David Backes.

Just a few games after making a surprisingly fast return from diverticulitis, the Bruins today announced that Backes will miss up to two months to undergo surgery to remove a portion of his colon.

The surgery is related to the recent bouts of diverticulitis suffered by Backes. From the team:

“The decision to have surgery was made in consultation with team physicians as well as outside specialists in the management of diverticulitis. David’s episode of diverticulitis at the beginning of the season was his second episode in two months and was complicated with an abscess (collection of infection adjacent to the colon) that required drainage. Repeated episodes, like what David experienced, have a very high likelihood of recurrence in the near term, which is why he was advised to have surgery to remove the area of colon causing the problem. It was determined that attempting to delay the surgery until after the season was an unacceptable risk to his health.”


Here’s to hoping Backes makes a full recovery, and that the surgery helps put the diverticulitis issue in the rearview mirror for good.