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Bruins vs. Ducks RECAP 11/15/17: Injury Cup goes to Anaheim, Bruins lose 4-2

The injury cup goes to Anaheim.

Boston Bruins v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

First Period:

The Bruins and Ducks understandably didn’t have much going on in the early goings, with both sides building chances and essentially just feeling each other out. Both were hurt and understandably both sides had rookies who had to see how they handled each other, testing each goaltender.

But, after almost 13 minutes had passed, Rask made a sharp angle save and the puck began bouncing all over the crease, and nobody could exactly clear it. Kevin Roy would take advantage and punch the bouncing puck right past Tuukka Rask. 1-0 Ducks.

Great way to finish a period. Real swell.

Second Period:

Thing’s just didn’t get any better. And what’s worse...they had hope.

Boston came off to a rocking start, with all four lines getting chances on Anaheim goaltender John Gibson, who had to do a lot of miraculous things just to keep the lead, and finally Danton Heinen cashed in for Boston after an absolutely incredible shift from himself, Riley Nash, and Jake DeBrusk. 1-1 Bruins

It is a real pity that they don’t show you that whole shift because it was screaming goal-for. What a performance this group of players had tonight.

And then...a brain fart of all brain farts.

Corey Perry rushed the net, got effectively moved from one side of the ice to another so he couldn’t get the shot off, and Josh Manson picked it up and shot it directly into Zdeno Chara’s skate and into the net. 2-1 Ducks.


Then, a few minutes later, Nick Ritchie charged the net and buried a Josh Manson pass that got through a lot of bodies. 3-1 Ducks.

You’d figure at least one of those bodies would be able to get a block but...

Third Period:

Two minutes into the third...goddamnit Kevan.

Just...goddamnit, Kevan. 4-1 Ducks.

At this point, the B’s were coooked. Done. whatever phrase you wanna use to describe a team that had been physically, psychologically, and score-wise beaten. The B’s tried, oh how they tried to claw their way back into this game...but it didn’t matter. The only other player to score for Boston was Noel Acciari, his first on the year.

Good for him. He was working hard all night and deserved that.

Alas, the Bruins fell 4-2 and will have to play Los Angeles tonight.

Game Notes:

  • [Long, protracted fart noise]
  • Your leaders in possession were: Jake DeBrusk, Noel Acciari, Riley Nash, Brandon Carlo, and Charlie McAvoy.
  • Look, at this point, throw anyone in net you want. I’m of the opinion it won’t matter. If Boston was any worse at defending at nearly any strength or situation, they just straight up wouldn’t have had defensemen in front of Rask. The Net-front defense has collapsed. Completely.
  • Peter Cehlarik was fine in his first game with the big club. The top line in general was buzzing with chances. If nothing else, it shows that whatever line he’s on (especially if it’s with Bergeron or Pastrnak), they’ll be fun to watch.
  • Danton Heinen, Noel Acciari, and Jake DeBrusk also came to play, driving play as much as they could, and all of them getting points. All of whom seem to be interested in not getting scratched for next game and every game after that. We’ll see how they do tonight, however.
  • I genuinely don’t know what it takes for a player to get scratched anymore. Jordan Szwarz, Frank Vatrano and Matt Beleskey were effectively useless tonight. They were the only players to be well below average in possession positive tonight, and it showed. And all of these players, need I remind you...were experienced pro hockey players! At least two of them were multi-year veterans of the sport on their second team! If there’s an excuse other than “they don’t have nobody else”, I would LOVE to hear it, because “X isn’t NHL ready” SURE AS HELL DIDN’T MEAN MUCH FOR THESE THREE WHILE FOURTH LINERS WERE SCORING!
  • No fun to be had past this. The Bruins had 42 shots on net, got only 2 goals and lost in a truly mediocre fashion. LA and SJS are coming, and they aren’t hurt. If you feel like tuning out until next week, I totally understand. Those games will be for only the foolish and bravehearted...and those of us who are too stupid to quit on this team.
  • [longer, even more protracted fart noise]