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Back and forth the Bruins injury list swings

The number of hurt B’s keep piling up, when is it going to end?

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The number of man games the Bruins have lost due to injury is absolutely astounding, and it sounds like that number will increase, according to Bruce Cassidy.

Both of these losses sting badly. Krejci helped drive a possession game down the lineup, a sorely needed aspect of this Bruins team and applied in their win streak before losing to Edmonton. DeBrusk has been hitting his stride as of late, using a smart shot and intuitive skating to create plays. Practice wasn’t all bad news, however, as there were some updates on two other key forwards.

For Backes, he’ll be through almost four weeks of a recovery process for diverticulitis surgery that is normally eight weeks, an astronomically fast recovery for the 33-year-old. As far as Marchand is concerned, he did shed his non-contact jersey for practice, which spells good thoughts towards a potential start on Wednesday. Obviously, there’s a precedent to keep them both out, as Backes is so far ahead of schedule, and the both of them could use the few days off and practice to get back up to game speed for their bout Saturday in Philadelphia. However, it might look good to see both of them back and keep the team in Boston looking a lot less like their counterparts in Providence.